Lines of Credit

Lines of Credit


Fund your business, agri-business, farm, or ranch more efficiently with a line of credit at American Bank & Trust — perfect to satisfy short-term or seasonal needs and account for cash flow fluctuations.

Get a competitively low interest rate. Just don't pay interest on excess funds you don't need. Borrow purchase-by-purchase up to your credit limit — and only pay interest on what you actually spend!

Line of Credit Essentials:

  • Competitively low interest rates
  • Pay interest only on funds you spend, not excess funds
  • Account for cash flow fluctuations and short-term needs
  • Re-access funds without having to re-apply
  • Available to both business and agricultural customers
  • Flexible terms for financing that fits your timeline
  • Local Central South Dakota business and agriculture expertise
  • Local Central South Dakota line of credit decision-making
  • Professional service, personal attention