Check Card

Check Card


Get your available cash quick, no bills to carry or checks to write. An American Bank & Trust check card connects you to your checking account. So you can withdraw funds at the ATM or pay for what you need.

Make signature-based purchases, in-person, online, or over the phone. Or, opt for PIN-based purchases and request cash surcharge-free from merchants — avoiding the ATM altogether.

Check Card Essentials:

  • Free with any new American Bank & Trust checking account upon approval
  • Links directly to your checking account balance
  • Use your check card to withdraw cash
  • Make purchases in-person, online, or over the phone
  • No bills or change to carry
  • No checks to write
  • Access to nationwide ATM networks
  • ATM cards also available
  • Plus, use your Kasasa Cash check card to earn rewards, like high rates and refunds on ATM fees!

Protect your card from online fraud with Verified by Visa. Your Visa card is equipped with Verified by Visa--it password protects your card for free. To learn more, visit Shop and Activate.

ATM Card

An ATM Card works like a check card when you want to withdraw funds. You just can't make signature- or PIN-based purchases — a great fit if you're trying to cut back on impulse purchases or just like to carry cash!